Soloris Responsive Blogger Template


Soloris is a responsive blogger template which has a magazine type design. It can be used for almost any type of blogs over the internet. It posses nicest looks, premium designing, rich features, tabbings, hoverings, etc.


This template is a pure premium blogger template which is available for free download, although downloadable versions have some below disadvantages:


  • Footer credit links
  • Less Customization with the code
  • Encrypted code
  • Cannot use for two blogs
  • No Documentation


However, premium version removes all these disadvantages and you’ll get:


  • Full Customization
  • Unencrypted Code
  • Can use for multiple domains/blogs
  • Detailed Documentation

This is the initial version of this template and it may come in many versions which will be available free for the users who purchases this theme. 


Theme Features

Stylish Blog Design

Soloris has a magazine look stylish blogger design template loaded with some very cool features. The layout of this template is very attractive and simple and yet advanced with the documentation.


Browser Compatibility

The template works just fine on all major browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.



Layout has been been achieved using advanced design techniques. Because a good design is absolutely necessary for a good website.


Magazine Based

The content is based on the magazine looks or websites with portal can use this template. 


Much More

There are lot more features in this template just give it a try. Use it and feel it.

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